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He told me I’m a traveller,
Walking a step in a day towards dusk
That on my very back I bore a task
To spread His Word, to be a gospel teller.

I said my fear was my burden,
Rejection, oppression, separation.
That my predecessors on this path had fallen.
To walk through, to finish, I needed a passion.

He ignited in me a fire hidden beneath the fears.
Burning with a breeze of peace, grace; a zeal.
His glory on me, a beauty immune to passing years.
And oh! How I loved the way that made me feel.

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He said I was a land vast and bare,
With an occasional bush just here and there.
So on me he planted a seed
And over time watered and removed every weed.

He sent many blessings before me,
A thousand wins, thousands of impact
He sent me, a servant to be
For His Glory’s sake, to keep me intact.

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Yes, He made me a winner.
Relentless, unwavering, a contender
He said, just finish the race
At the finish line, you will see my face