A metal.
Hot like lava from the deep depths,
Burning through a heart with no mercy.
At times cold as the freeze of water.
The coldness that calms all anger.
Love exposes, yet it changes people.

A morning.
Fresh with a whispering breeze.
Sometimes dull, sometimes bright.
At times, like the rays of the sun through the curtains
Other times as the warm blanket you never want to take away.
Love gives hope, it’s what we hold on to.

Love fees like dusk,
The end of a long day, when you look forward to a rest.
It’s quiet when it wants to be.
It tames the mighty sun to a peaceful moon above.
And when eyelids close in the night,
And dreams reign the minds of men.
Love makes it beautiful.

It’s my today’s idea of what love feels,
An opinion from the deep depths.
We will live through tomorrow,
And I’ll be right here…
To tell you what love feels like