Hey there,
I’m writing this to you as a fellow woman and a very caring one at that. I know your friends since high school and your auntie told you that you don’t need to bow to no man and I somehow agree with them because you are a precious creation that should be treated with respect. I agree that no one, man or woman should downgrade you in any way because you are unique in your own precious way and you are beautiful. You are the best version of yourself.

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However, you are all grown-up now and you made an agreement with that man that you should end up being something… or making something. You are still precious but when it comes to this institution, your dignity, integrity, and any other good -ity of you is dictated by how well you get along. Your theory that men and women are equal does not apply here.
You can do all that he can, alright? I don’t dispute that sweetheart. All I am saying that in every empire, there is a ruler, then a helper, and so on. In this kingdom, he is the king and you are the queen (I’m sure you have once called him that) since you already know that theory, I won’t bore you with a lot of repetition. You know your place: STICK TO IT!
Stop arguing with him over who should wash the dishes, watch the baby overnight, change diapers….. it’s foolish to do so. If he is understanding enough, he will offer to do it or hire you a help. If he doesn’t, IT’S YOUR JOB to do all that so be the superwoman you always have been or wisely talk him into getting you a house-help, otherwise you are in trouble. Be wise in words rather than trying the controlling way. he is not a TV set; he is a man and all men are natural rulers.

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