I have exhausted all words,
That can describe my life in parts

I have searched my soul and found,
Deceitful darkness, roaming without a sound.
Yet I made an error and stepped in
And I lost myself to the deep within

I killed a million thoughts with a little torch
And of the fires of hell, only I can tell
I struggled hard to find a light that doesn’t scorch.
The screams in my head did not make me feel too well.
I climbed the rocks of my heart to escape
Yet my head refused to step out and stayed.

But there is no prince in my story
There journeys no knight to my land.
I fight this darkness all on my own
I kill the souls I hate here, right inside.
And my flesh cannot contain the battles in my head.
Loneliness has taken over this mighty spirit
I wanted to be alone… But life, oh life..
Life has betrothed me to its inner core