I remember one day, I said something hurtful to my mum. We had just had supper and we were relaxing, watching a movie. I remember thinking, “she’s always spending hours in prayer and reading the Bible all night. How is it possible that she does such things?” While I’m grateful I did not say that out loud, the question I asked weighed tonnes. She told me I would never understand and that I should not think I know too much.

It’s later that it occurred to me that I had judged her. Whether I had done it rightly or wrongly, it was not my business. It was wrong for me to think that just because she prayed for hours, she was supposed to be perfect. It was also inappropriate to think that I was better than her (because that’s exactly what it was. Judging others is usually accompanied by a thought that you’re better).

I have also learnt that being so “spiritual” openly makes people see more of your mistakes. Let’s give an example; you have a boss who wears perfectly ironed suits, has a heavenly voice and accent, is not bad looking but like all bosses is a little strict. What would you think if you used the washroom after him and found that he did not flash the toilet? Everyone can do that especially when you’re stressed out but the fact that it’s your perfect boss… You get me right?

Maybe we can try to understand first, to see the good in all people and to overlook the negative things. Maybe we can be more at peace then.