I thought you were beautiful

Then I saw the flowers and thought…

No, not a match at all

They were a blend of beauty divine

And I remembered that

Two colors is all you can be

One on your skin, one on your hair

Shh… your mouth is ever closed

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I thought we were lovely

But I watched the lovebirds on a tree nearby

I felt a gap and thought it’s just human

They were pollinating flowers together

In the morning their chirps filled morning air

I remembered your snore

Then the way you always complain….

I vote for peace


photo credit picfare.com

I want the pigeons filling my yard as specks of white

I’ll plant roses so I can watch them smile each morning

I’ll rear hummingbirds in cages

I’ll do all just to forget your face

Daily will I live with the music of all,

Of all which I compared you to.