you know I’m tied to you
bread and wine I share with you
and I know this feeling is new
that you bear life within
that I bug even your skin

but does it mean,
that you can’t give me a chance?
to show you love at least this once?
I know he took part in this and left
or they ganged up and did some theft
but you see mama, not my fault
I didn’t chose to be in you


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so these months.. they aren’t few
please don’t discard me yet
do your best, place your bet
that I’m a bundle of joy not pain
when you hold me you’ll see and feel
the warmth in my eyes, my innocence

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you will realize, by my presence,
that you’re just as blameless
and together shall we take steps
one, two at a time
we shall be each other’s shine
just don’t discard me yet.