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You are married to him, that is GREAT! But you are unhappy. You feel sad and lonely as if he is never really there. Like you are some kind of some sex toy, he comes, gets out after two minutes then he blacks out till morning! Boring, right? But you wonder why you feel alone when you have a full-time partner. Perhaps you’re missing one thing, communication.

Sex is sweet, it’s enjoyable and it’s all the good words in the world but it’s not everything. Couples need to communicate. Real love is cultivated by continuous communication between partners. There may be a few reasons why the two of you are not talking.

  1. You are too held up by other activities. As you stay longer in marriage, you add to your goals, kids come in and your lives become busier than ever. As a woman, you become too busy taking care of children while your man will be busy looking for money. Responsibilities may be overwhelming but you have to spare some time and talk to each other. That’s where care starts. The less you communicate, the more you drift apart.
  2. One of you is hurt. If your partner hurt you, You may not want to talk to them. You ask yourself, “why did he talk to me like that? Doesn’t he love me anymore?” what you don’t know is that it’s normal to get hurt in any relationship. If you don’t hold it down a little and initiate a conversation with your partner you risk it all. In a loving tone and a sweet tongue, tell him that he hurt you in the morning and you have not been at peace!
  3. You fear him. Now, this is another one. Don’t fear him. He is your partner, he loves you and talking will do the trick.

Having known all this, stop feeling like an object. Women are built to be loving and romantic beings. Men may not be exactly the same but whatever you hit him with will bounce right back. Take a step, girl! Take a step.