Their song is the harmony of virtue,
Their tones flaw flawless through the wind.
It’s a song filled with good cheer,
Preaching on the need to overcome fear.
Their instruments bring the words to life,
The resounding beat of good deeds.
Their voices sing us to sleep,
A transition to a peaceful world beyond.

They move from South to North, East and West.
Their wings are their signature, like sails on ships.
At their breath, the flowers bloom with vigor.
It’s like a revolution, adored and yet ignored
Their eyes shine with love,
A glow from their hearts of gold.
And their hands hold the humans,
Lost in their tiny jars of hate..
They are like gods,
Adored and yet, ignored.

The angels are here with us, in the streets.
They are in our homes, on our seats.
They cook when we are hungry,
Sweep our homes, give us hugs.
They smile at us on the roads when we seem disturbed.
They give to the poor, they share their light…
They voice out the needs of the local man.
The angels are here with us,
In the streets and in our homes