Welcome to My World!
I created this website to be a home for my wild thoughts and opinions. You will find poems, articles and stories. I hope you like them. Kindly feel free to leave a like and as many comments as you would like to. Thank you!
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Welcome to My World!

The Battles in Me

I have exhausted all words,That can describe my life in parts I have searched my soul and found,Deceitful darkness, roaming without a sound.Yet I made an error and stepped inAnd…

Choose The Brighter Side

You are not the perfector of persons.People have their faults, it’s what defines humans.Choose to see the good in people,And you will have a better life yourself.

Angels on Earth

Their song is the harmony of virtue,Their tones flaw flawless through the wind.It’s a song filled with good cheer,Preaching on the need to overcome fear.Their instruments bring the words to…

What Love Feels Like

A metal.
Hot like lava from the deep depths,
Burning through a heart with no mercy.
At times cold as the freeze of water.
The coldness that calms all anger.
Love exposes, yet it changes people.

Come Closer

Where are you?Why does your spirit call like a dying man?Why is your candle dim like a light far away?I can feel your faint breaths.But this dark blanket does not…